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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Irish Chauffeurdriven tours/vacations

I took this picture early this morning before i set out for Dublin airport to begin my latest tour. I had to collect Kathleen and Clare my two ladies from Minnesota, on their arrival from JFK. It was a beautiful morning once again and our wonderful spell of sunshine is set to continue for at least another week, and maybe even more. 

As i made my way across the midlands, i live on the Western side of Ireland and Dublin is on the Eastern side, the weather changed to very foggy, as you can see from the picture above.

Waiting at arrivals in the new Terminal 2 at Dublin airport.

Kathleen and Clare had been delayed but did eventually arrive safe and well,  a little tired after a series of delays along the way.

We finally left Dublin and began our journey to Galway where the ladies are staying tonight. The day was really lovely as we made our way to Galway. I think that the ladies were more than ready to have a rest when i left them at their hotel.

If you are planning to travel with me and are concerned about the Blog for reasons of confidentiality, then  do not worry as i do not have to post either pictures or names when featuring any tour on my Blog. 

Another thing to be prepared for if you are coming to Ireland is to be aware that banks are not accepting US one hundred dollar bills, and some places are wary of all US dollar notes. The smaller denominations will work fine in most places though.
Travellers checks are also a new problem in a lot of banks so make sure you  double check this before coming, and find out for definite where you can change them here. Also make sure that you notify your credit card company that you will be using your card in Ireland, otherwise they will put a block on any transactions that you may try to make. If you do that then you will not have a problem using your card. 

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