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Monday, August 5, 2013

Irish chauffeurdriven vacations/Own car and driver in Republic of Ireland

The rugged Atlantic coast on the South West of Ireland

I have been missing here for the past week or so, as i have been extremely busy, trying to catch with many things that have piled up during the past few weeks. I also Blog more often while touring as my tours are extremely popular with the friends and families of those actually on my tour at the time. It is a great way for them to travel along with us and enjoy our tour as well. Most people have no objection to having their pictures posted on my Blog, but if they did have a problem, then there would be no question of me posting them.,People sometimes do not like their Surnames posted either, and that is respected also. I am very aware of ensuring that my clients wishes are adhered to. There are already too many social networking sites where people are posting far too much personal information, and i think that this is really stupid, especially by young people who are putting themselves in great danger from the wrong type of attention. There are a lot of very strange and dangerous people out there, and it is no harm to let your kids know that.

I myself am not on tour right now, but i do have backup tours operating all the time,as it would be impossible for me to operate alone. My other drivers are all highly skilled and knowledgeable, and the best available. When i commit to a tour myself, i will always be the driver and guide, but if i cannot do it myself then i will always let my clients know who their driver will be. If i say that it will be me, then, it will be me, unless something unexpected happens that makes it impossible for me to be available. If that does happen, i can promise you that my backup driver will do the job that i have planned for you in  a way that will leave you more than happy. I do have a reputation to maintain, and that is the way it will be.

Just a tiny cluster of pals i met along the way in County Kerry.

Let me show you the real Ireland west of the Shannon. Homes like this could have been occupied by a mother and father, and ten, or twelve, or fourteen children. Hard to believe, but true. They were hard times, and it was from homes like these that people fled during, and after, the famine. Many of you reading this Blog may well be descended from those who were fortunate to survive the Atlantic crossing, and the hard times that they had to endure after they made it to the USA. 

What can i say about these two lovely ladies, Rita on the left, and Nancy on the right. Rita has toured with me many time now, and has become one of the family to Sue and i. She has always been there for me when somebody felt that they would love to speak to someone who had toured with me, and who would help them to get to know first hand what my tours were like. She has been an unbelievable help to me, and to those who need assurance, and i will always be grateful to her for that. This year, she introduced her pal Nancy to me, and now i have another treasure in my locker of close friends. Nancy was an absolute darling, and i know that she will be back again.Here you see them enjoying a wonderful fish meal in the famous Fishy Fishy restaurant in Kinsale. I took this photo myself and that is why you do not see me tucking in here also. I can assure you that i did. Those were my chips(french fries as you call them) on the bottom right of the photo..... and i had more than chips. If you tour with me maybe we can make sure that you get to enjoy this wonderful restaurant also.
If you are thinking about coming to Ireland next year, or later this year, it is not too early to start planning. My appointment book fills up pretty fast so remember, "First come, first served". I am already dealing with enquiries for 2014.

If you just need a little advice, i may be able to help strings attached.