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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lakes of Killarney, Muckross farm tour with Burgerts 2013

St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney this morning.
Our plans today suffered a set back as Jim was not feeling well and remained in bed. Fortunately it was nothing serious,but he still had to be sensible and rest up.

Making our way up to Ladies View on the Ring of Kerry today.
Liz, pictured by one of the lakes on our way up the mountains.
So that is what a female Leprechaun looks like?
Unfortunately visibility was virtually nil the further we went up the mountains. Here we have Liz at Ladies view, where there was no view today. Nice picture though.
Killarney is renowned for its lakes, and here we have Liz once again, pictured on the shores of one of them.
There are many of these massive boulders littered along the through these mountain gorges. These rocks were dislodged by the massive glaciers which tore their way through the mountains.
After making our way back down the mountains to Muckross House, we began out tour of the traditional farms, which are located on the estate there. This is a really lovely tour, and a very educational one if you want to see and learn about life on Irish farms in the early nineteen hundreds.
In the picture above you see Liz, inside the half door of the medium sized farmers house.

I took this photo of the old iron pot hanging over the open fire in the small farmers house. The fresh soda bread is being baked inside this pot. Note the hot peat embers which are place on the lid of the pot to ensure that the heat is applied both under and over the bread inside. You can sample the freshly baked bread when it is cooked. It is delicious, and when you add the home made butter to it, how could you resist it? I can't anyway.

This photo was taken in the small farmers house, and Liz was nice and cosy beside this lovely peat fire.  

Here we have Liz seated on the bed in the medium sized farmers house.
This photo shows Liz with the farmers wife in the medium farmers house. Note the bread baking on the griddle pan over the open fhe ire.t This bread is griddle bread, and different from the soda bread in the enclosed pot.
Liz, the farmers wife, and some guy in a cap? Where did he appear out of?
I think that this is a lovely photo, and it shows Liz with the baby piglets in the pig sty at the labourers cottage
There is that guy again. This magnificent Irish Wolfhound appears to know him. Where has his cap disappeared to?

What a magnificent horse. This one was huge, and the photo does not do him justice.
The cat that got the cream. Just another of the inhabitants of the farm.
Now we are inside the large farmers house, and here we see the farmers wife, making butter pats from her own freshly made butter. Ohhh, how nice it would be if we could only buy butter like the butter this lady makes. It was "to die for".
In the pictures below we see Liz having a go at making her own butter pats.

By the looks of things, she has done really well as she proudly shows off masterpiece. 
She told me later that when she gets home she intends to make all her own butter. Jim is a lucky man.

Worn out after her exertions, here we have Liz,taking a break from her kitchen duties as she relaxes by the fire in the large farmers sitting room.
This photo shows the large farmers house from the front.
Finally, our transport, the bus which takes you around on this great adventure. If you get to Killarney make sure that you take the time to enjoy this experience.

Hope you are enjoying our tour. We certainly are.

If you wish to make an enquiry, just e-mail me.