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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations/tours in Ireland

A typical mountain road in the more isolated areas in the western regions of Ireland.

Something was brought to my attention today, which i have been meaning to clarify of late, but had forgotten about again due to one thing or another. My Blog have been featuring mainly the West and South West of the country in recent times, and that seemingly has led to people thinking that these are the only areas that i cover with my tours. Let me say first of all that these particular areas are stunningly beautiful and extremely popular with our American cousins. They are also areas from where huge numbers of people emigrated over the centuries, due to the poverty in these areas as a result of the poor quality of the land, and the small holdings the farmers had to try to exist on in these areas. Therefore there are huge numbers of our cousins in the USA who are seeking to find whatever ancestry they can trace all along our western seaboard. In other words these areas are in great demand, and my Blog has resulted in people asking me if they could repeat the same tours they had been following on my Blog. Needless to say i do not have any problem in doing that, but do not think that these are your only choices if you want to tour with me and my company.
There are also many people who just want to see rural Ireland and who hear so much about places like Connemara and the Cliffs of Moher and the Kerry regions of Dingle and the Ring of Kerry. These areas have a really high profile and have featured in many famous movies such as "The Quiet Man" and "Ryan's Daughter". and "The Field" and "Far and Away", and many more.

This tower castle overlooks the town of Doolin on the west coast of Clare. On the horizon you can see the beautiful Aran Islands.

My tours in recent times have been very much focused on the West and South West, but i go where my clients want me to take them , providing that it is practical. I have been from the top of my country to the bottom, and across the middle also, and the wishes of my clients are varied as their ancestors come from all parts of Ireland. Let me know where you want to go, and then we take it from there. If you just want to come to see Ireland, and just want to rely on me to help you plan that vacation, then that is what i will do, with your blessing. In other words, we work out a plan together for your that will be to your liking, and one that will leave you well satisfied when your holiday is over, and you are on your way home again.

My company can take you all around this beautiful country. Just let me know your ideas, and we can work from there. All my drivers are fully qualified to help you to have the holiday of a lifetime.