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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in the Republic of Ireland.

I took this picture from the pier in Cove as this fishing trawler made its way up through the harbour.

I have been extremely busy for the last few days and have not been posting here. Just taking a break after a long spell touring.
I intend to post at regular intervals, and maybe provide information, which i am sure will be helpful to people who wish to visit Ireland. If you have any specific queries, then maybe you can either post a comment here or else e-mail me at

Already it looks like i am in for a busy year again in 2014, as i am dealing with a lot of enquiries, and am already taking bookings. Recently some of my enquiries included queries of what would happen if i was sick, or just unavailable to fulfill an agreed tour. I want to clarify that i do have help, with other qualified drivers on my team, and will be dealing with that issue soon when i update my website. The site at this point in time does give the impression that i operate alone, but that is not true. My business has grown and continues to grow, and this necessitated employing the extra help i needed. If i do commit myself to a client, then i will be the one working with that client when the tour begins, and i always make that very clear. If i am booked at the time required by a further enquiry, then i make that perfectly clear to the client, so you will always know who your driver will be. Rest assured that the driver i will appoint for your tour is one that is fully qualified, and one who will deliver a tour that will leave you well satisfied. Both the name and reputation of my company are paramount to me.

There i am....sitting in the October sunshine with the lakes of Killarney at my back. How would you like to have your picture taken here? All you have to do is send me an enquiry and we can take it from there.