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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in Ireland with Dave Hogan

The famous Dun Guaire castle, which overlooks the town and harbour in Kinvara County Galway. You will pass this castle as you make your way from Galway city to the Cliffs of Moher. I took this picture in the fading light this evening, as i had to meet my young relative Ryan, all the way from Texas, as he was passing through my area om a bus tour with fellow students.

Ryan and his pals, with the castle in the background.What a pity i did not have more time to get to know them, but at least we did get to meet, and now they know where i am.

I had told Ryan earlier in the day where we might be able to meet, and he told me, that if i did get to meet their bus, it would be easy to recognise him, as he is very tall. I told him i was also tall, and six feet four inches.Well, as you can see, if i am six foot four, he must be nine feet four. If i was any bigger, nobody could live with me.

I start another tour tomorrow, so i will be Blogging again. Thank God the weather looks really nice for the coming week, and that, for Ireland in November, is fantastic.I am really looking forward to it.