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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Touring the West and South West of Ireland with own chauffeur/guide

Of all the photos i have taken with Joseph and Eliane on this, what may be my final tour of 2013, i think that this is the one that i like best. I took it at Ladies View as the light had begun to fade on what was really another lovely day. The hills have become as dark as the night was to become shortly afterwards, but you can still see the mysterious blue lakes of Killarney in the valley below. It looks like i was using floodlights, as my happy couple are magically illuminated, but it was just my simple camera's flash, and the grey of the gravel covered viewing area. add to what to me is a really beautiful picture, and a fitting one to complete the final Blog of what has been a really nice tour.
My tour with Eliane and Joseph came to an end yesterday when i bade farewell to them in the centre of Dublin. They were a joy to be with for the past few days, and i know that they too enjoyed their tour, and really loved Ireland. They will always be welcome back, should they choose to explore this Isle of Saints and Scholars anytime in the future.

Thank you both sincerely, and enjoy a safe return back home.