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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Irish chauffeurdriven vacations for 2014

This may look like the private avenue to somebody's home, but it is in fact the main road through the Kerry mountains, and the Gap of Dunloe. I think that maybe you should consider a driver. What do you think? It is also virtually off limits to tourists during the season anyway as it is the road much used by the horse drawn side cars and buggies which take thousands of tourists through this wonderful pass and down to the lakes of Killarney on the other side. You have been warned.

Here you see a group of visitors walking behind one of the buggies, and giving the horse a little breather. How nice. It looks like they are about to reach the top of the world, and in a way, what you see when you do get to the top, is just as breathtaking.

Well, my touring looks like it has reached the end of the road for this year, and in a way it is nice for me to have a break. I have much to do as it is, what with planning itineraries for people for their 2014 vacation, and catching up with all of the other things i have to do, it leaves me little time for lazing around. Christmas is only around the corner and it is still a big thing in our family, as it is in most Irish families. Christmas in Ireland is not a one day thing, or indeed a one week thing. It has started already, and people are out en-masse already at the weekends getting all of their shopping done as quickly as they can, and this will continue right up to,and including, Christmas Eve. In many jobs people will finish work at least a couple of days before Christmas, and will not return to work until maybe the Monday or Tuesday after Christmas. Yes , in Ireland, Christmas is still celebrated, and everybody believes in Santa Claus, and also the true meaning of Christmas.
I am the "Great Defender" of Irish weather, and all through this past year nature has finally decided to back me up. What a great year we have had, right up to this point in time. The British Isles were blitzed today with horrific storms, but we escaped the worst of it again. November was unbelievable, barely any rain at all. My last tour, which just finished a few days ago, was blessed with the kind of weather you might expect in late Summer. My guests had a job convincing their friends back in the USA that they did not get any rain worth mentioning. Once again i have to say that we Irish are the worst at exaggerating the amount of rain we get in Ireland.Yes, we do get rain, but we also get more than our fair share of mild , dry and sunny weather also. I keep telling sceptics to have a look at my Blog and go back as far as you like on previous posts there, and you will see from the photos just how many nice days we do have, and i am not doctoring the photos through Photoshop, or anything else.
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