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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Looking for Chauffeur/guided tour in Ireland. Personalised chauffeurdriven Irish vacations.

Dovchauffeurdrive Holidays in Ireland with Dave Hogan 

Why is my operation unique? Well, first of all, i was born and reared in the West of Ireland and have spent most of my life living and working in this very special part of the country. It is hard not to love our western seaboard. I would not want to live anywhere else. At this time of the year i can hear the birds singing just before the dawn breaks, the newborn lambs bleating in the fields around me, and the sounds of nature are all around me, undisturbed by anything other than the odd tractor as the farmers set about their daily tasks. The air is clear and fresh and it always feels so good to be alive.
I feel like i want to share this with anybody and everybody and i love the feedback i get from the enjoyment it brings to people who have never experienced anything like it. It is different. It revives people and helps them to recover from stresses imposed on them by what they call normality today. It shows us quiet clearly that there is more to life than work and more work and the feeling that we will have to wait until we are old and spent before we can finally find a little peace and comfort.
A tour with me is not about flying all around Ireland trying to cram in as much as you can possibly see in the time available, it is about slowing down and loving where you are at without having your mind racing on to where you are going to be tomorrow.  My tours are planned with your help. You tell me what you think you want to see and i will show you how best we can can cover this, if possible, in a sensible and enjoyable way. I will bring you to the nicest places to stay at, the best places to eat at the best prices, and the best places to shop if you want to shop. When you reach the end of your tour with me, you will be ready to travel home again feeling refreshed and with the feeling that you have to come back again, and many of my customers do exactly that.

This fellow will take you on a tour of the town of Dingle, and what a lovely way to enjoy this great place. You will find him down on the harbour front during the Summer season.

I took this photo on my morning walk close to where i live outside Kinvara on the southern shores of Galway Bay. This is a small inlet off the bay, and famous for its oyster beds. The small boat in the picture would be used mainly for farming the oysters and clams and mussels. The landscape here is very rocky due to all of the rubble that was deposited in this region after the ice age when the ice finally melted and dumped all of these loose stones and boulders. This area is renowned for its stone walls, one of the main methods used to clear the land.

A field close to my home, with these cattle resting and enjoying the lovely cool day. There are a couple of new born calves in the picture, if you can make them out.

I just had to post this picture. I took this in Quinlan's fish and chip restaurant in Killarney the other day, where i was dining with my wife. She was having the tuna and chips, (the far plate), and i was having the battered cod with chips, and mushy peas.(note the peas are all gone). I really do not think that i need to tell you just how delicious this meal was. Make sure to visit this restaurant if you are in Killarney. You will find it in the heart of the town.

A clump of primroses growing on the side of the road as i enjoyed my walk this morning.

The White thorn is in full bloom now, and in my area we get a lot of it.

These ponies were enjoying the fresh morning as i passed by.

If you are planning a visit then maybe i can help. I can refer you to people who have toured with me and who will tell you whatever you need to know about what a tour with me is like.  It will certainly simplify things for you. No need to worry about doing anything other than booking your flight. I do the rest. How much better ca it get than that.