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Friday, April 11, 2014

Chauffeur driven tours of the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle peninsula.

 Why not have an experienced driver and guide to show you Dingle and the Ring of Kerry. 

A misty day on the Dingle peninsula.

It does look a little miserable, but just imagine what it must have been like for the inhabitants of these Beehive Huts hundreds of years ago in the depths of a cold and wet Winter. These circular stone dwellings, were home to those ancient peoples, farmers and fishermen, who  lived in this area. They had no windows, just the main entrance door, and their heat was generated by a fire burning in the centre of the floor. The door would be blocked up of course, but you can be sure, that if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, there would be plenty of drafts. There were some small vented openings but they must have had to put up with a lot of smoke. No wonder their life expectancy was so short.Even in the early nineteen hundreds the life expectancy here was barely into the forties. These people must have been dead and gone long before that age. This particular area on the Dingle peninsula was the centre for many of these homes, and you can see at least one of what used to be hundreds in the foggy background in this picture. They were amazingly well built and dry as a bone inside.

This lady looks a lot happier as she sits on a rock on the Ring of Kerry. Well after all the sun is shining, and what a difference that makes.

Book a chauffeured day tour.

A tour of the Ring of Kerry and/or  a tour of the Dingle peninsula are musts to me if you really want to see and enjoy rural Ireland. The problem facing many people who visit Ireland is the dread of having to drive on roads that they are not familiar with, or accustomed to driving on. After all, they are on the wrong side of the road to start off. I am finding that an increasing number of people are using my services for single day outings, and many of these people are people who just decide to enjoy the comfort of parking their rental car and using me and my company to take them around the areas they are most afraid of driving themselves. Some of them are on bus tours and just want a break away on their own for a change.Not only does this deal with the discomfort of driving themselves but they have an experienced guide thrown in who can bring them to places that they will never find themselves. They will also cover much more ground in the same amount of time as they are never going to have to bother with using a map to try to figure out where they went wrong.

Write to me if you think you like the idea.

Of course i can help you plan and enjoy a full holiday tailored to whatever time you have available.

We know from the feedback from our clients that we provide the best in planned chauffeur driven vacations. We can put you in touch with happy clients who have already experienced our service and who will tell you all about us. What better way to find the assurance you need when you are planning on employing a company in a foreign land.

A happy farmer walking his two Irish Red Setters on a county Kerry road.As they would say in Kerry "Not a bother at all."

This year is going to be a really busy one here in Ireland. Do not leave your plans on the long finger.