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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Today was our day for the Dingle peninsula, and as you can see from the picture above, it did not look too bright early on. Here we have Mark and Gloria, with Dingle Bay in the background, and the Iveragh Peninsula on the left, and the Dingle peninsula on the right. They do look a little chilly, but that was to improve later on.
I took this picture on the hillside as we approached Dingle town. I love the patchwork quilt look of the Irish country fields.The day was beginning to brighten at last.

Now the sun breaks through, and Gloria looks a little warmer.

A view of the rugged coastline as we near Slea Head at the tip of the peninsula.

A little further on, and now the Blasket Islands are appearing in the background, just off Slea Head. These islands were finally abandoned back in the 1960's, eventhouhg there are still a few holiday homes on the main island. Many of the islanders emigrated to Springfield Mass, and many of their descendants are still living there in Hungry Hill.

This is the home of Maura Houlihan, a lady who was born and reared here in this area close to Slea head. Dingle is an Irish speaking area, and the Irish language is still the main language here today, eventhough  everybody can speak English also. Being a native Irish speaker myself, i love to converse with the locals when i am here.This house is over 500yrs old, and it was originally a single story dwelling, but an extra floor was added in later years. Maura is now in her eighties and still runs her business here. She owns the ancient Beehive Huts on her land, and charges a meager 2 Euro per person to visit the ancient dwellings.

Maura is a dear friend, and she always invites me and my pals into her home. Here we have Gloria and Mark sitting on the couch with Maura in the middle. It was cold and she had her little warm woolen bonnet on.

Now you can see some of the beehive huts in the background here. Make sure that you give Maura a call if you get to Dingle, and tell her that Dave from Galway sent you.

Here we have Gloria and Mark, pictured inside a large communal hut. The doorway leads into another connected hut and there is another one connected behind the photographer (me). Unfortunately the tops of these dwellings were taken off as the stone was used to build other houses in later years.

After bidding farewell to Maura, we finally reached Slea Head. Here we have Gloria and Mark, pictured with the Basket islands just offshore. The island on the horizon, between Mark and the nosey seagull, is known as the sleeping giant, and really does like one when viewed in real life.The seagull is employed by our tourist board.

Back in Dingle town again, and here we have Gloria who had just fed the donkey a carrot, and i missed it, i mean the photo, not the carrot. Note the dog sitting on the donkeys back.

Now you are getting the full picture. The man who owns this wonderful little side show, is sitting and playing his concertina, with his ever patient animals posing for our photos. Please do not say that this is cruelty to animals. They get the whole Winter off. Do you? Well i don't, and its a long time since anybody gave me a carrot.

This bronze is a tribute to Funghi, the famous Dingle dolphin, who is still alive and well, and resides in Dingle harbour. He has attracted millions of tourists to Dingle over the past almost 30 yrs, and has been responsible for bringing a lot of wealth into this area. You can enjoy the chase up and down the harbour in motor boats as he leads the boats on a merry chase.

Our day today was a memorable finale to our tour of some of the west and south west of this magical land, and if my happy couple enjoyed this tour half as much as i did, then i know that they had a great time.
Tomorrow we begin the final leg of our journey back to Dublin, where we say our goodbyes.

I hope that you have been enjoying our tour. Mark and Gloria send their love to all.