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Saturday, June 7, 2014

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I am sure that any of you who have visited Dingle in recent times will have seen this gentleman entertaining the tourists with his music and his animals. He is always there on the harbour front across the road from Harrington's fish and chip restaurant.
This is where we were today, and we did have our delicious fish and chips in Harringtons. I highly recommend.

We visited the Beehive huts near Slea Head. Here we have my friends together,all happy and smiling outside one of these ancient stone dwellings.
From the left we have
Ryan, Katie, Betsy,Bradford, Dale and Melody, Maryclair, Pat and Buddy.

I never pass Maura Houlihan's home without calling, and today was no exception. The beehive huts are on Maura's land beside her home, and this house is over five hundred years old. An extra storey has been added on to what was once a cottage, but the site, and ground floor level of the house, are there all of those years. Maura is a really lovely lady, and if you are passing, do not be afraid to call in and tell her that Dave Hogan sent you. She charges a mere Euro 2-00 to visit the beehives, and it is more than worth it.

The Dingle peninsula is one of a number of Kerry peninsulas that stretch out into the Atlantic, and into the area of the Gulf stream. As a result of this, the waters surrounding these peninsulas are warm, and ensure that the land has a higher temperature, and this results in tropical-like growth in these areas. Here you can see Melody and Dale with the children,Bradford and Maryclair, standing under a palm tree in the sunshine, which we were blessed with again today. Most visitors are really surprised to see trees like this growing here in Ireland. Well, now you know why.

We attended church tonight in the magnificent cathedral in Killarney. I took this picture after mass from up in the choir loft at the rear of the church. The construction of this church commenced before the famine in 1845 and was not completed until early in the nineteen hundreds.

Tonight we all went to Foley's restaurant in the centre of Killarney where everybody tucked into a really wonderful selection of the best of Irish food. I think the fresh air on the Dingle peninsula was responsible for the healthy appetites on display tonight. And this was after having a great feed of fish and chips earlier today?

I just had to show you this picture of Pat with her delicious lobster meal. What a great plate of the best of Irish seafood. Even Ryan looks amazed. Or is he just wondering how she is going to manage a plate full like that ?
Well Ryan....she did. Well done Pat.

Tomorrow, sadly, i have to bid farewell to this lovely family as they are off to Dublin where their vacation finally comes to an end. I think that they had a nice time. I certainly did. Thank you all.