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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Executive private tours in Ireland, Dublin, west and south west.

Melody and Dale as our vacation together draws to a close.

Sadly, another tour has come to an end, and my latest party are once again home, safe and well, in the USA. They were most generous with their praise for our tour together and i know that they had a great time. I think that the guys could have done with a little more golf, as the just managed to have just one game on the O'Mahoney's Point course in Killarney, but at least they now know just what a special place Ireland is for that particular sport. There are those people who are negative about Irish weather, and who constantly moan everytime that we get a shower, but they just need to wake up and have a good look around them at the wonderful green grass, the abundance of magnificent shrubs and flowers, and the clean fresh air that refreshes you after a shower. I will always defend out Irish weather, and i have many many friends in the USA who right now would love to be right here escaping the conditions that they have to put up with where they are.
The coming week is promised fine, with plenty of sunshine, so make sure to look in at this Blog to see it for yourself. Follow along as i begin a new tour on Sunday, when my latest people arrive in Dublin.

The season here is getting into full swing, but if you are still undecided as to whether or not you will travel to Ireland this year, the months ahead, right up to the end of October can be really nice.
In recent times i am finding that more and more people are asking me to plan a tour for them that will allow for a couple of days in Dublin, and maybe 6-8 days in the west and south west, including Connemara, the Burren and the cliff of Moher, Kerry, and the Ring of Kerry, and the Dingle peninsula, and Killarney. There is enough there to keep anybody happy. If you want the type of tour where you are going non-stop for the full vacation, then it is not my type of tour. My tours are for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of this magical land, to take time to slow down and to smell the roses, to allow the fresh air to revive bodies that are pressured to almost breaking point, and to meet a people who just want to make new friends and share with them what it is like to be Irish, and to hear how things are far across the sea. It is nice to listen, and to be listened to.

If you want to come and meet us, you can start by e-mailing me at

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I look forward to hearing from you,and to helping you, if i can.