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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ashford Castle and Connemara with David and Carrie Edwards

David and Carrie Edwards, pictured at Ashford Castle during their happy stay here over the last few days. They absolutely loved being here, and could not say enough about their magnificent suite. What a very special place Ashford is. Many of my clients like to include a stay here during my tours, and a night or two in an Irish castle is always a highlight. Ashford is my number one and never lets me down. Maybe you can come there with me?

The sun was no help when i took this photo, but i still think that it is a nice one. The lake behind David and Carrie is the Corrib lake, and is directly behind Ashford castle. It is the largest lake in the Rep of Ireland and is said to have 365 islands.

Connemara is one of my favourite Irish regions, and i took this picture in Maam in the heart of the Maam valley.

Here we have David and Carrie at the fjord at Leenane. This is the most westerly fjord in Europe, and a very important area for fish farming.

Connemara is know for its bogs, the areas where the population dug their peat to fuel their fires down through the centuries. Here we have a trailer of cut and dried peat ,ready to be bought and taken away to keep some family warm for the Winter months ahead.I think the price for this load was Euro 360-00.

The Sky road near Clifden, the most westerly town in Ireland, and behind Carrie and David we have the offshore islands with nothing beyond that until you reach the east coast of the USA.

This is a great time of the year for rainbows, and we had an abundance of them as we made our way around this country that we call God's country.
This rainbow was really special and made a complete arch. My camera was not able to take the whole thing in, but i am sure that you can picture that yourself.

David and Carrie were really lovely to be with, and i am most grateful to my dear friend, Ann Mullen, for sending them to me.  Referrals from past clients are a major part of my business, and it makes my job so much easier. When future clients are making enquiries, these past clients play a big part in recommending me to such people. That really does help to put peoples minds at rest. I recommend this to many people as these days you just cannot be too careful when dealing with anybody you do not know. I myself am always much happier when my prospective clients are also happy.
Keep coming back, i will be keeping you updated again very soon.

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