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Friday, February 20, 2015

Chauffeurdriven vacations/tours in Southern Ireland

A typical Irish road in the remote Wild Atlantic Way.

Ireland has so much to offer the visitor, from historic cities, to isolated and sparsely populated areas,like in the above picture. I try to have a balanced mix of both for my clients to enjoy on my tour itineraries, eventhough my preference would be to include more of countryside than the cities.
My programs are not set in stone, and they vary from one party to the next. You may have specific areas to visit, simply because your ancestors came from those areas, and that is no problem. I tailor your program to your needs.

I not only cater for your program requirements, but also for your taste in what exactly excites you about Ireland, and what you have always wanted to do when you finally got around to coming here. I can advise on many things, the best places to shop, the best places to hear the best of Irish Traditional music, and very importantly, the best places to eat. Irish meat is, in my opinion, as good as it gets. All of our animals are reared out in the open fields ad are free range animals. Therefore the meat is of a much higher quality than animals reared in pens, and constantly dosed with antibiotics. There may be a little more chew in our steaks, but that is simply because our cattle use their muscles, unlike the caged animals, who never have much reason to do that. The wonderful flavour from their natural food (grass) is special.
Our fish and seafood are just the best there is. No place in Ireland is far from the sea and therefore you fish is always fresh. Our salmon tastes like real salmon, and our range of fish is extensive with the best of cod. haddock, mackerel, and herring,and many more species, will leave you spoiled for choice. Do not forget our oysters, our prawns, our crab meat and crab claws, and of course our  mussels. I find that the vast majority of my clients from the USA love fish and seafood, and thrive on it when they are here. I know where to bring you, where you will get the best.

A peat bog in the heart of Connemara.
An ever increasing problem, and one which i am faced with more and more, is Gluten Intolerance. More and more people are seemingly being affected by glutens than in the past, and we have more and more people discovering that they are Coeliac. The last thing you need when travelling is to get sick. Ireland is to the fore in providing for these people, and most places cater for them on their menus. However, you have to be careful, as, eventhough the chef or cook may prepare the proper meal for you, staff may not be as knowledgeable, and not place the correct order for you. Always stress what you want. Here again i assist my clients, as my own wife is coeliac, and i know what i am talking about. I know the best places to send my clients, not only for the best food at the best prices, but also the ones that know about dietary problems.
Accommodation is also something that is ultra important to me.  You need proper rest while traveling.You need a good bed, a comfortable room, your own private bathroom en-suite, facilities like hairdryers,and tea and coffee making facilities, and even a TV can be nice for news etc, if you really want that.  I always provide the best, without going five star, unless i have clients who want five star.
Sometimes people need a Pharmacy, sometimes a doctor, sometimes information on religious services at weekends. I can do all of that for you. It is not all about normal guide information, but you will get plenty of that also. I was born and reared here. I got a very good education here. I know, and speak, our language. I know our history. I know and remember quiet clearly what it was like to grow up here, when things were a lot harder than they are today. I know that people love to hear me relate this to them. I love to share with my fellow travelers, and learn from them what it was like for them when they were growing up. That is what my tours are really about. Traveling together and sharing our lives, our experiences.
Maybe we can do that together.