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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Great vacation value in Ireland/chauffeurdriveholidays/own car and driver

The magnificent Galway Cathedral, from above the salmon  weir.
This cathedral was opened in 1965 by Cardinal Cushing, and it stands on the site of the old English jail on the banks of the river Corrib. This river flows down from Lough Corrib, the Republic if Ireland's largest lake, right through the centre of the city, and into Galway Bay at the Claddagh. The Claddagh is also famous as the birth place of the beautiful, and much sought after, Claddagh Ring.

Galway is my own favourite Irish city. I was born and reared here, virtually on the shores of the famous Galway, immortalised in the song of that name by Bing Crosby (not me....the Bay). It is a truly wonderful city, a city full of life,especially at night, renowned for its great pubs and restaurants, its street musicians, its theaters and its street artists.
The city of Galway is a great base for touring Connemara,the Aran Islands and the Burren of county Clare and the Cliffs of Moher. A day just enjoying the city alone, is also an adventure in itself.

A closer view of the Cathedral.
The main door of the Cathedral, which stands directly at the far end of the Salmon weir bridge, is located where the main door of the old jail was located. There was a platform over that door where public hangings took place. How nice.

This picture, taken from the bridge, and looking upstream, shows the salmon weir, designed to control the flow of water flowing down from the lake. Galway is famous for its salmon, and there are channels in the weir which allow the salmon to pass through on their way upstream to hatch. They are also counted as they pass through. You can fish the river for a daily charge, which is not too unreasonable, especially if you catch a salmon.

A different view of the weir, with the canal in the foreground. The river is steep and fast flowing, and not suitable for navigation, so it was bypassed by a canal on the far side (not in the picture). The canal shown here in this picture, was constructed to allow water to pass through to power the huge water wheels which powered the industrial mills along the banks of the river.
A baby seagull, and a couple of young ducklings, enjoying a break on the banks of the river above the weir.

The growing strength of the dollar is making vacations/holidays in Ireland really attractive at the moment. Ireland is great value, at any time but why not make this your year. From my own experience , i know that for many Irish Americans, a trip to Ireland is their life long dream. Maybe now is the time to make that come true. There is no better way to do it than with an real Irishman, a man born and reared here, who knows and loves his country, who speaks its language and knows its history, sings its songs,and who can drive and guide you on an unforgettable adventure.
Just e-mail me and lets go from there. You just might be really surprised at how easy it is, and what great value a tour with me is.
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