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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Touring Ireland with chauffeur/guide/owncar and driver

A beautiful cottage, "The Colleen Bawn", in the Gap of Dunloe. The name means," the fair haired girl". Originally, like all the old style cottages, the roof would have been thatched, but when galvanizing was introduced, many of these cottages would have used the metal sheet covering as it was far more practical, and easier to maintain, and did not rust. Thatch had to be continuously repaired, or replaced, and this was hard, and difficult work. Thatch was also a fire hazard, and if not well done, it would leak. It was also a haven for bugs, birds, and mice or rats. I hope i am not destroying your romantic idea of having a thatched roof, but facts are facts.
However, on the positive side, the thatch was warm in the Winter, and cool in the Summer. The people could gather the reeds for thatching themselves, for free, but, once again, the quality of that was very poor in many areas, and that led to a very poor roof. People in those days had little choice, and just had to do with what they had available. To the powers that be, they were only savages anyway, and therefore it did not matter.

I just had to get a picture of this magnificent old tree. It is the sweet Chestnut tree, and one of the oldest trees in the world. It dates back to Roman times and was introduced into Ireland from England some four hundred years ago. It grows to a very large height and can live for three to four hundred years. They are pretty rare, but of course you can always get me to bring you to see it. How about that?
Yes, my season is just kicking off and you can follow my first real tour of the year on my Blog, begining next Saturday 14th March. My lucky companions are going to be with me for almost 2 weeks, and are really looking forward to St Patricks Day in Killarney.
Come along with us by staying in touch with my Blog. You are more than welcome.

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