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Friday, April 17, 2015

Chauffeurdriven vacations in southwest of Ireland with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

This morning we departed from Kinsale after what had been a really love visit. We were all more than happy with our stay at the Kinsale Carlton, and Eileen and Garrett were most complimentary about the way they were treated by all of the staff. I myself have been here many times before, and have experienced nothing but kindness.Thank you all.
Our first stop was at the shrine at Ballinspittle, where some years ago somebody praying at the shrine claimed that the statue was moving. Within a short space of time, thousands of people were flocking to the shrine, with many more claiming to have seen the same signs of movement. The Catholic church remained silent on the claims, and eventually it died down.It is a beautiful shrine. Of course, Eileen thought she saw a sign of movement also. Then we all moved on together.

This is a field of rapeseed, a crop which has become more and more common here in Ireland, as rapeseed oil grows in popularity, due to its health properties. It is said to be very beneficial for people with high cholesterol, and it has a higher boiling point than most oils, and is therefore much better for cooking purposes. Many chefs are now totally committed to using this oil.
Garret had brought some extra dollars with him as he felt that, due to the recession in Ireland, and the growing strength of the US dollar, he might find something to invest in here. Today he struck it rich, and took over this insurance brokerage in, (secret location for the moment),but remember, you heard it here first.

I took this photo of the memorial to St Brendan the navigator in the center of Bantry today. St Brendan was a great sailor, and has been credited by many with having reached as far as the USA long before Christopher Columbus was even born.
In the photo below, we have Garrett, posing beside the new sign, which he had erected today, pointing towards his new private beach, which will be open only to all new customers of McCarthy insurances. Garrett loves to swim himself, and he feels that getting his customers to use his beach will lead to them being far healthier, and therefore less likely to develop health problems, which will in turn lead to less insurance claims, and therefore save him a fortune. This man knows what he is doing.

In this lovely photo below we have Garrett and Eileen, high in the mountains between county Cork and county Kerry at the Healy Pass.
There are a number of tunnels which were hewn through the mountains at the Healy Pass.

The sign post which shows that you are entering county Kerry at the Healy Pass.

More tunnels.
One of the most popular places in Ireland for a photoshoot. Here we have my lovely couple at the famous "Ladies View" near Killarney. This is the spot where Queen Victoria, who, during her visit to Killarney, declared this view to be the most beautiful in the Kingdom. I would have to agree with her.
This sign "Leprechauns crossing" created another problem for me today as Eileen refused to allow me to move on because she insisted that she wanted to see some of these Leprechauns crossing. Now we all know that there was no way that this was going to happen as they never appear like that in the middle of the day. She finally gave in as she felt that all of the shops would be closed in Killarney if we did not move on. I was delighted, eventhough i am not normally in favour of rushing women to the shops.

Our tour goes on, and what a great time we are having in this glorious spell of fine weather. For anybody interested in following up on a chauffeurdriven vacation, please send me a message and i will get back to you.

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