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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cove and Fota Island and Kinsale with chauffeurdriven vacations and Dovechauffeurdrive

Now, where are all those critics who say that it always rains in Ireland. Just look at those blue skies, forget about all that rubbish you hear, and start planning that once in a lifetime vacation to the land of your ancestors.
Speaking of ancestors, in the picture above we have Garrett and Eileen, in Cove, at the memorial to Annie Moore and her little brothers, who were the first people to register in Ellis Island in 1892.
Garrett and Eileen were emphatic that the McCarthy's had strong links with the Moore family, and that Garrett had proof of that, but he had forgotten to bring it with him. It is amazing how many tourists make similar claims and they are all from different families. These Irish do get around.

Here we have my happy couple outside the Heritage center in Cove. Cove was known as Queenstown in the days of British rule. Garrett felt that it should have a more Irish name such as "McCarthy town". He has a point, i suppose.
Here we have Garrett and Eileen, standing by the picture of the Titanic, which made her final stop at Cove before setting out on her final tragic voyage.
Eileen had met up with some" know-all expert" who suggested that i should bring her to some beach near Kinsale, instead of where i had planned to bring them, so i had to explain that we should stick with our own plan, as, after all, i am "The expert". She was quiet annoyed, and was on the point of walking out, and had actually packed all of her things, and was on her way before we had a chance to explain things properly.

Poor Garret was obviously upset, and was on his bike, and off after her when he heard. Fortunately he was able to restore peace. Just to make up to her, i brought her to where all little girls like to go, the wonderful Fota island Wild life park.
The Cathedral in Cove is a really beautiful church, and that final memorable view of Ireland would have remained engraved on the minds of millions of emigrants , as they sailed out of Cove,on their way to a new life in some foreign land. We paid a visit there today, and it was really wonderful.

Well just look at how happy she is now. She wanted a spin on the giraffes, but we managed to talk her out of it.
I am sure that you all know the song, "Pretty Flamingo", and here we have our pretty couple with the gorgeous Flamingo's in the background at Fota Island.

Finally today, as a gesture of peace, i had to bring Eileen and Garrett to that "Beach", which had caused the friction earlier. Just look at that  "I got my way" look. Well i had to give in. Just imagine how that would have looked to prospective customers if she put it on Trip Advisor.
Finally can i just add, we did have a lovely day today, and we all ended up really happy and palsy again. I must admit that the beach was nice.

If you want me, just message me. I am not that bad really, and i will do my best to see that you have a great vacation.