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Friday, August 7, 2015

Blarney Castle with chauffeurdriven Irish tour.

 This morning we made our way to Blarney and the famous Blarney Castle.The ladies got their way today as they had heard all about the Blarney Woolen Mills shopping centre in Blarney, and life would not have been worth living if we had not agreed to let them loose there today. As it turned out, they were very well behaved, and did not fully exhaust their credit cards.
Here we have, from the left, Barry, Rich, Cindy, and Lynn outside the centre. This place is credited with being the largest store in the world, and well worth a visit.
 Now we have moved on to the Blarney Castle ,and my happy pals are pictured here in the grounds of this famous castle.
 Getting prepared for the climb to the top, where the famous Blarney stone is located. They wanted me to go with them, but i declined as i felt that you have no need for a guide on a spiral staircase.They say that if you kiss the Blarney stone you get what we call, "The Gift of the Gab". They made the climb, and having kissed the stone, i can confirm that they had me exhausted by the end of the day with endless questions, and highly complicated ones at that, which i think may have been a result of their encounter with the stone.

My back was also a little stiff, and Rich and Cindy, both highly qualified Physios ,and fitness coaches, put me through some really tough exercises to relieve my stiff muscles, as you can see above. It did help eventhough i had to get some assistance straightening up again after this particular stretch.