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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Irish chauffeurdriven vacations with Dave Hogan and Dovechauffeurdrive

We finally left Killarney on Monday but before leaving, we paid a visit to the wonderful Cathedral there. Construction on this began prior to the famine back in 1845, but with just the foundations laid, 
all work ceased. As this was consecrated ground, many starving people came here and camped on the ground, and many died, and were buried in mass graves on the site, many of them children.This memorial on the site, was built as a memorial to the children.
In my picture, from the left, John, Barbara, Jim, Marie, Rosemary and Ted.
Our visit coincided with the feast of St Therese, the Little Flower, and this beautiful altar was decorated to honour her inside the Cathedral
This little prayer is worth reading.

Then we were on to Kinsale, and here we have my full party, pictured high on the hill overlooking Kinsale harbour.
Well, there just had to be a special room for John and Marie, and here we have them pictured, happy together, in the Kinsale Carlton hotel in Kinsale.
Now all of the gang just had to see John and Marie's special room, and here they are posing for the camera. From the left, Barbara and Jim, Ted and Rosemary, and Marie and John.
We celebrated out final night together in Jim Edwards lovely pub and restaurant in the heart of Kinsale town. This was a lovely evening, with a great meal to finish off what had been a fantastic tour.
I just want to finish off this Blog with a picture of all of us together in Lisdoonvarn, earlier in our tour. I cannot express my gratitude to my new friends adequately, but i think they do know that i loved them all.
Thanks again for everything, and lets stay in touch.