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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tour of Gap of Dunloe with Dove and Dave Hogan.

Delia, looking really well and happy at breakfast ,after a good nights sleep in the Killarney Plaza Hotel last night.
Martin, looking happy also, after a hearty breakfast in preparation for their trip today to the Gap of Dunloe. This is a journey, best undertaken in the horse drawn jaunting cars, which take you up through this old mountain road, through the gorge, forged through the mountains by a giant glacier in the ice age.You are then treated to a wonderful boat ride, down through the lakes of Killarney and back to the town of Killarney, where you disembark at the magical Ross Castle on the shores of Lough Laune. It is far from advisable to try to drive through this gap road, as you become a hazard to the safety of the horses and their passengers. You also miss the wonderful boat journey.
One of the many lakes you encounter as you make your way up to the pass. Martin was my photographer today, and i am sure that you will agree that he took some great photos.
Maybe you can see now why it is not advisable to drive this road.
Look back down at another of the lovely lakes.
I think the horse sees the lakes in the distance, and knows that a well earned drink is not too far off.
A signpost for Brandon's Cottage, the final stop off point before boarding the boats.
One of the many lovely sights as the boat journeys down through the lakes on the way to Ross Castle.
Now within sight of their destination as they approach Ross Castle.
No, it's not a sheep, it's a lovely little lady who was waiting when the boats docked. Looks like she spotted someone she knows.

At last, my happy couple, Martin and Delia, back on firm ground, after their wonderful journey through the magical Gap of Dunloe.
Safely back at the Plaza Hotel once again. Well of course i did have to get in on the act at some stage, and here i am, pictured with Martin outside the hotel. I am the tall one on the left.

What a great day this has been, with a journey through some of Ireland's most remote and magical regions.
I think that Martin and Delia will have to come back again. There is so much more to see, but unfortunately their time in this area is limited, as tomorrow they join up with the Martin's football party, and we come to the end of our time together.
For me, this tour has been a pleasure , and i hope for them also.
We are not fully finished yet though as we have to attend the superb "Celtic Steps" show in Killarney tonight. This is a wonderful show, and put it on your "to do" list.
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