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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tours of Ireland West and South West with Dave Hogan

Like most Irish people, i have many relatives in the USA, but this was to be my first tour with a relative, my cousin Pat Homeyer, her husband Mike, and their friends Russ and Denise Bishop. Pat and Mike are from Houston Texas, while Russ and Denise are from Colorado. Our first day, Tuesday, was complicated, as Pat and Mike's flight from Houston was delayed ,which resulted in them missing their connection at Newark, which in turn led to a diversion to London, which in turn again led to another delay there and a very late afternoon arrival at Shannon. On top of that their luggage never arrived. Not the best of starts, but good sports that they are, they did not let in spoil anything.
The picture above of the Flesk river in Killarney, signaled the beginning of a far better day all around today.
How better to start day 2 than with a great breakfast at the Killarney Plaza Hotel. If you do get to stay there make sure you try their oatmeal, or as we correctly call it, porridge, the right name,of course.
Today was to be an adventure in the magnificent Gap of Dunloe, that wonderful mountain gorge in the Kerry mountains, just outside Killarney. In the picture above we have my impatient friends, waiting to take their bus to the entrance to the Gap.
From the left, Mike, Pat , my cousin, (you can tell from her good looks), Denise, and Russ.
All set and ready to go, after boarding their jaunting car at the entrance to the Gap. Don't they look happy.
 Under way,  as the horse begins the long journey up through the gorge on his way to Lord Brandon's cottage on the far side,where they will board their boats, which then takes them down through the lakes of Killarney, and back to the town itself.
 One of the quaint bridges which span the river linking the roadside lakes as you journey up to the gap at the top.
A view of the narrow road, winding its way up the mountainside.

The boat ride down through the lakes is a real treat, where you enjoy amazing views of the mountains surrounding you all the way.

There are narrow waterways which link the lakes before you finally enter Lough Laune, which is the largest lake, and where you disembark at the ancient Ross Castle.
There it is, Ross Castle, standing proudly on the mainland on the Ross peninsula.
Ashore, and all beaming, after a really wonderful trip. Please note the suntans. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people come to Ireland just to get a decent suntan. Well i suppose some of them come for the Guinness also. Traveling with me, of course, also allows them to have a few pints, but i do keep an eye on them as we are very critical of drinking here. I think it may have something to do with our calm serene nature.
Killarney is really beautiful, and make no mistake about that. I have seen nonsense comments by some who claim that it is too touristy. Well, if they think that they can have a place as lovely as Killarney to themselves, maybe they should try the moon, or maybe Mars or somewhere. 
In this picture above we have, from the left, Russ, Denise, Pat, and Mike, with the Killarney racecourse in the background. We went there, after leaving Ross castle, to reserve our seats for tonight's fantastic show, Celtic Steps, featuring the best of Irish dancing, song and music. The show takes place in the auditorium at the racecourse and is not to be missed.
This afternoon we visited Killarney's St Mary's cathedral, built on a site where many famine victims were buried in mass graves during the terrible famine in the mid eighteen hundreds.
 Mike and Pat, with Denise and Russ, inside this fabulous cathedral.
There is a new restaurant in Killarney called the Uptown restaurant. This really nice place is owned by Imhran Khan and his wife Faiza, and it will not do any harm if you mention my name to them.  If you choose to dine in Casita Mexicana, you can mention my name there also to the owners, Eve and husband John. Both of these restaurants will not disappoint. The Uptown offers a great selection of
Thai, Chinese, and Indian food, and it is really good. It is located just off New street, in the same location as my favourite Mexican restaurant, Casita Mexicana. Now.... there's two nights dining covered for you in one go. If you saw my tummy, you would know for sure that i appreciate my food.
 Three very happy and lovely ladies dining in the Uptown.
 Just a sample picture of my starter, a delicious type of prawn dish. Yummy. I also had a delicious Madras. Tempted?
Full up with great food, we were now off to the Celtic steps show, and what a night we had there.All of the ladies in this picture above, are champion dancers.
 This is Roisin Ryan, a lady born and reared on the Ring of Kerry, and a wonderful singer, with a real haunting, lilting Irish voice. Rosin also plays the violin and is a very talented musician.
 Now the guys are in the picture, these two having 12 world championship titles between them. They  are just fantastic dancers, and have to be seen to be believed.
 Russ and Mike with one of the champs between them.
 My full party with a couple of the dancers.
 Pat, on the left, with dancer, Darragh O'Donnell,  accordion player Sharon Langston, and Denise pictured after the show. Sharon is another truly wonderful musician, who has traveled extensively with her music. I could sit listening to her all night. I think my pals could also.
And finally, the ladies just had to get to meet the musical director, and producer of Celtic Steps, Sean Murphy. Well they did, and here he is, smiling happily with the ladies,and bringing their evening to the perfect conclusion.