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Monday, October 24, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tour of the Ring of Kerry with Dovechauffeurdrive - REPOST OCT 3 2016

To my many followers, especially those involved in these particular three tours.
Due to a computer error, three of my recent tour Posts were deleted from the Blog, and I am now reposting them.

They were the Blog posts for the following tours:

Phil and Barbara Reichart - Sept 13th- Sept 23rd
Dick Shannon - Sept 27th- Oct 6th
Pat Scanlon - Oct 8th- Oct 13th

Please note the dates of these Posts, as they are not being posted on the actual dates that these tours occurred. 

Sincerely, Dave Hogan

Chauffeurdriven tour of the Ring of Kerry with Dovechauffeurdrive - REPOST OCT 3 2016

Master of all he surveys, Dick, looking out to sea towards far away Canada. I took this picture yesterday as we began our journey around the famous "Ring of Kerry", a circuit of the Iveragh peninsula in Kerry. In the distance we have the Dingle peninsula where we will be touring tomorrow.

After making sure that everything was safe, Dick gathered the team for this photo in the same location. This man runs the show like a true "Mountie".

Waterville, where i took this picture,was Charlie Chaplin's favourite holiday resort, and is located at the head of the Iveragh peninsula.This statue was erected there in his memory, and the ladies definitely enhance it in this nice picture. Note the lovely sunshine. I like to mention that just to embarrass those who bad mouth Irish weather. We do get rain, but plenty of sunshine also. Do you want lovely flowers?

Three proper "Charlies"? Doesn't Joe look well in that hat? Dick has on his new "Grandfather's shirt, one of my own favourite shirts. Joe refuses to wear one, but then he is at that age where we live in denial. We all go through that.

The views from Cumikista, at the head of the peninsula are stunning, with many little islands scattered in the Atlantic below. I actually annoyed Jane somehow while trying to get my group in line for this photo, and she seemed to be preparing to charge at me, but fortunately, Dick managed to calm her down. She is very nice really.

All calm on the western front once again, as the two ladies, pose high in the mountains, with the town of Waterville, down in the valley below, and the lazy sheep enjoying the sunshine. Yes, sunshine...

Another view from Cumikista.

It must have been have been a hard life, living in these small stone cottages in this area, so exposed to the raging Atlantic storms in Winter, but what a beautiful place it was in the fine weather. One thing they did have here though, was fresh fish from the sea, which they would salt in the Summer, when fish were plentiful, and store for the long Winter ahead.

A studied photo of Joe, one of my leading camera men, carefully studying another picture for my collection.
I only employ the best.

A picture of a couple of tourists from the USA. It is becoming increasingly popular for Americans to travel on horseback, as the horses automatically know the proper side of the road to use, and you just sit there, and they do the rest. It can also be difficult though, finding hotels with proper parking facilities for your horse. I think i would still prefer chauffeurdriven tours. Your choice.

Everybody loves the wonderful variety of colours that people use to decorate their homes and shops in the many little towns in Ireland. Sneem, on the Ring is just one of these.

Here we have Dick and Joe, with the Gap of Dunloe in the mountains in the distance. I took this picture at Moll's Gap at the top of the mountains.

And finally, the full group, all happy together again, at the famous "Ladies View" with the lakes of Killarney strung out in the valley below. It is no wonder that Queen Victoria proclaimed this to be "The most beautiful view in the Kingdom."

Another great day with a really fun group of people as look ahead to our visit to the Dingle peninsula.
Last night they went to the wonderful Celtic Steps show at the Racecourse auditorium in Killarney, and thoroughly enjoyed a really wonderful night of Irish dancing, song and music.