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Monday, October 24, 2016

Gap of Dunloe tour with dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan Holidays in Ireland - REPOST OCT 2 2016

To my many followers, especially those involved in these particular three tours.
Due to a computer error, three of my recent tour Posts were deleted from the Blog, and I am now reposting them.

They were the Blog posts for the following tours:

Phil and Barbara Reichart - Sept 13th- Sept 23rd
Dick Shannon - Sept 27th- Oct 6th
Pat Scanlon - Oct 8th- Oct 13th

Please note the dates of these Posts, as they are not being posted on the actual dates that these tours occurred. 

Sincerely, Dave Hogan

Gap of Dunloe tour with dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan Holidays in Ireland 

My adventurous group, with group leader Dick Dick, looking like he has everything under control, all geared up, and ready to go yesterday morning, as they prepare to depart the Plaza hotel, to begin their journey to the awesome Gap of Dunloe, an ancient gorge carved through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier,during the ice age,and located on the outskirts of Killarney. (Note the warm clothing, long johns and all. Well you cannot see the long johns, but you can get them in Quill's shop in the main street in Killarney. It gets cold up there in the mountains.)

A picture of the lower stretches of that fearsome Gap road.

The journey proper begins at Kate Kearney's cottage, and here they are, from the left, Joe, Annette, Jane, and Dick, waiting to board their jaunting cars, for that first leg.

All aboard, (Hey!!!!! close that door or the wind will get in. )

Here we have Dick, issuing instructions to the his mighty steed, (in Irish),as they set off.

A view of what lies ahead. (The people walking ahead are just some ordinary tourists who have no idea how to handle a horse.)

It takes bravery to lead your crew on an expedition such as this, but my crew have all that it takes. I did not venture with them there myself today, as i sometimes feel, that like the cat, i have only nine lives.

What relief to see that they have safely navigated that treacherous first leg of their journey as they await their boat, to begin their journey down through the rapids on their final leg to Ross Castle in Killarney. This crew has no fear.

Dick, Jane, and Annette, pictured together with their boats in the background. Joe is missing here as he was gone to stable their exhausted horse, (him being the farmer, and having the know how with animals.This was no easy job as he had to pick up some Irish phrases to talk to the horse, as these are Irish speaking horses)

A view of the lakes ahead as they set out.(That woman in the front is an Irish Sherpa)

The ancient Ross Castle, where this epic voyage ended for my gallant band.This will make news back in Canada.

They made it. All smiling and happy to be back on dry land as they pose together at the old Ross Castle in Killarney.

A final picture, with Lough Leane in the background.
Tomorrow we make our way to the Ring of Kerry.We are having a great time, so do come along..

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