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Monday, January 16, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tours in Ireland west and southwest with Dave Hogan and Dove

 Entering the magical territory, known as the Dingle peninsula.

Planning on an Irish adventure, maybe a visit to your ancestral home? This, for many Americans is a life long dream, something they have always known that they must do, when the time was right.
Now that you can do it, what is the best way to do it, and what are the alternatives.
The three most popular ways are,
(1) A bus tour.

(2) Plan it yourself, and drive yourself.

(3) Get an expert to plan it for you, and who will drive, and guide you, around, and who will look after all of your accommodation arrangements, and just take care of you.  Now let us have a closer look at all of these options.

 (1) The bus tour
I have travelled this way, in various countries, and they were mostly fine, but they have their drawbacks. When you pick a bus tour, you must accept the itinerary presented to you. Some of it may be to your liking, but there will be parts of that tour which you may not like that much. You are stuck to a pretty regimental itinerary, and they can be pretty hectic tours. You cannot choose your company on that tour, and this can also be a drawback. If they include meals, you can be on limited menus, and that can also be a problem.Accommodation may not always be to your liking.

(2) Plan and drive yourself.
If you are coming from a country where you drive on the right hand side of the road, you have a problem straight away. The main roads in Ireland are fine, but you will still be on the wrong side. The rural roads, many in those remote areas where the real beauty is to be found, are narrow, winding, hilly, and roads i would not recommend to inexperienced drivers.
Finding your way around, even with sat navigation, is not going to be easy. You will get lost, and that means you will be losing time, and maybe lots of time.
You will have to organise all of your accommodation, and you can only rely on what you read, and where you read it. As we say, paper never refused ink.
Car hire may look like good value, but when you add on Insurance it can work out a lot more, and you better not think of getting the minimum amount of insurance, or you could end up having a very expensive vacation. More expensive than you think. My son was home from the USA at Christmas, and the insurance cost him more than the car hire. He got a bit of a shock.
God forbid that you might have an accident, then you really have problems.

(3) Get an expert to plan it for you and to take you around.

Straight away there are major advantages.
Now you will have a plan that you can rely on, and one you yourself will have had an input into. You will have flexibility.
Now you will have somebody who knows their way around without sat navigation, someone who will never get lost,who has all the insurances to cover you while you are traveling, who is a qualified chauffeur and who has the licenses to prove it,and who will be relating the historic detail, and a whole lot more for you as your travel.
Someone who has stayed many times in the places you will be staying in, and who is known and respected by the owners or the management. Someone who knows the best places to eat and to shop, who knows the best pubs, and where you will find the best entertainment. Someone who will look after you. Someone who can refer you to people on your side of the Atlantic who have toured with him, and who will be only glad to recommend him.
And finally, you may be pleasantly surprised by the cost of my chauffeurdriven tours. When you add it all up, you will agree that it is the way to go.

 Would you like to cuddle a lamb? I think i can find a smaller one than this guy for you if you do. This lady toured with me this past year, and i took this picture on the Dingle peninsula.

 Here we have the full party, sitting on a low wall with the famous Inch beach in the background, and the mountains of the Ring of Kerry in the distance.  Yes, that is yours truly in the middle. These ladies were a lovely group, and we had a wonderful time together.
 Slea Head, at the tip of the Dingle peninsula, is a really beautiful place. Here we have the ruins of an old house, once owned by farming and fishing people, the occupation of the vast majority of the people on these peninsulas.In the background, we have the famous Blasket Islands, now abandoned since the mid nineteen hundreds when many of them found life just too difficult, and followed their relatives, mainly to the USA, and to Springfield Mass, and Hungry Hill.
I could keep on writing, i have so much i could tell you, but maybe the best way to find out a lot more is to come and travel with me. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience, and i will enjoy being the one to help you to make your dreams come true.
Send me a message and we can take it from there.

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