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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Looking for chauffeurdrive service in South of Ireland

 I took this picture the other morning, as i took an early morning stroll near my home. This little harbour is just about a half of a mile distance from my house, and i just could not resist going home again for my camera to catch this lovely scene for my Blog. 
What a lovely spell of weather we are having, and what a shame we do not get more credit for all the nice weather we do get in Ireland.
People come to me looking for information about my service, and then then begin to try to make up their minds maybe about when might be the best time for them to come. 
One of the main difficulties here is that it is very hard to predict. We do get our share of rain, but many of the days, when we do get rain, have long spells of sunshine also. Our weather is rarely extreme. We do not get hurricanes, we do not get tornadoes, we do not get earthquakes or Tsunamis, we do not get blizzards. Our highest temperatures are high seventies or low eighties, our lowest just three or four below.  I love my Irish weather. If we did not have the rain we have, Ireland would no longer have the beautiful green landscape, nor the beautiful flowers and shrubs we have. It also makes traveling so much more comfortable.

The West of Ireland is famous for its stone walls, and i took this picture also on my early morning walk. All of these stones are loosely packed on top of one another, without any mortar being used. If you think that that is easy, forget it. It takes years to learn the art of stone wall building, and there is nobody better than the Irish at doing it.
The cattle are not mine, but they do not know that, and they talk to me all the time. 
You need to come and see this for yourself.
When to come?
I always say, anytime, but best sometime between the begining of April and the end of October. Now i suppose March will be lovely this year. Murphy's law. I had a really nice tour last year in November. Such is Irish weather.
Most of all, remember, there is a lot more to Ireland than the weather.
Drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Places to put on your list.
Connemara and Galway. The Aran Islands. The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren of County Clare. Killarney and the Ring of Kerry. The Dingle peninsula. Kinsale and the harbour port of Cove.
You can do all of that with me. I would love to be the one to take you around.