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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Touring the west of ireland with own Chauffeur/guide/dovechauffeurdrive

Chauffeurdriven adventure with Dovechauffeurdrive on the Wild Atlantic Way.
The picture below shows one of the few remaining pieces of the old city wall, which guarded Galway City. What a shame that more of this wall was not protected, and preserved.

 Today, two of my latest party arrived in Dublin, and made their way to Galway, where i met up with them in the city center. The full group consisted of two couples, Christine and Andrew, and Alex and Eliza, all the way from the USA. Alex and Eliza were to arrive later, as they were flying in from Amsterdam.
This evening my new friends are staying in the lovely little town of Kinvara, which is some twenty miles from the city of Galway. In the above picture, we have Christine and Andrew, pictured outside their Guest House in the heart of the town, the Kinvara guesthouse.. This is a really nice place to stay, if you do come to Kinvara.

Kinvara is a small harbour town, situated on the southern shores of Galway Bay. It has its own quaint castle, Dun Guaire, and hosts wonderful Medieval banquets there nightly. My new pals will be celebrating at one of these banquets tonight, and i am sure that they are in for a real treat.
In this picture above, we have Christine and Andrew, down at the harbour. The castle can be seen in the background, to their right.

Christine and Andrew, sitting on a bollard by the harbourside. The black boat in the background is one of the old, and famous, Galway Bay Hookers, (Yes, really), a traditional fishing boat, used mainly on the western side of the Irish coast.

 The rest of my party, Alex and Eliza, arrived in Galway later in the afternoon, and just in time to join Andrew and Christine at the banquet in Dun Guaire castle. They are a brave lot, as they had spent so many sleepless hours getting to Ireland, and still were prepared to partake in this main event of the day. 
The picture above shows the old castle where they dined this evening.
 A picture of the banqueting hall, showing the long timber tables and the stone interior of the castle.
Everybody enjoying the occasion outside the castle.
From the left, Andrew, Christine, Eliza, and Alex. The others in the background are just more of the banqueting part trying to get onto my famous Blog. (Seriously though, they were all great fun.)
This fun lady wanted to get in on my photo shoot, eventhough, when i told her she would be on my Blog later she really enjoyed having been photographed. She was a great sport, and i hope that she sees this photo.
I had to take a picture of this beautiful swan in the shallows beside the castle.
My final post, at the end of our first day, my four fellow travelers pictured on stage at the banquet, with one of the main artists in their wonderful show tonight.
From the left we have, Eliza, Alex, Christine, our artist(whose name i forget), and Andrew.

My tours are always full of fun, and when you have happy people with traveling you, it really makes for a great time.  Ireland works its magic on everybody. I always love being a part of a happy group as i travel through this land, a land, steeped in tradition and history. We love our stories and our music.
You too can come, and travel with me, if you so wish. I would love to take you around and share this special piece of heaven with you also.
Just drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Your friend in Ireland


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