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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Killarney, Muckross House and Ladies View on Chauffeured tour

 Yesterday (Saturday) we visited the famous Muckross House and gardens, and the wonderful tour of the restored farm houses. This is the estate where Queen Victoria stayed during her visit to Killarney in the eighteen hundreds, and is a must during your stay in Killarney. The farmhouse tour helps you to relive that way of life, experienced during the nineteen hundreds, even up to the sixties and seventies, in remote areas of this country.
The picture above was taken outside what was the labourers cottage, a small one bed roomed house with the minimum of living space.
 Here we have, from the left, Fran, Stan and Becky, standing by what is the fuel shed, with timber logs on the left, and the much used turf (peat) on the right.
 Here we are inside the kitchen of one of the cottages, again from the left, Stan, Becky and Fran, with the woman of the house, bending over her fire, and arranging her burning peat. The kitchen was the main, and only living area in these cottages. All of the cooking was done on the open fire.
 My friends, pictured inside the main bedroom with the old iron bedstead, which was the common type in those days.
 You can see all of the farm animals as you make your way around this magical place.
Another picture, in the kitchen with the lady of the house. This lady was baking griddle bread, which can be seen on the griddle pan, in the background, beside Stan's left leg.
Another of the farmhouses, this one belonging to a more wealthy farmer, who, having more land, was therefore better off. You can see his chickens, and a fine turkey, in the yard here.
Fran, Stan and Becky, pictured with the Irish Wolfhounds in the background on Becky's right. These are beautiful dogs, and have a really nice temperament.
These two baby goats, were having great fun at the large farmers cottage.
My own special favourite dogs , the Border Collies, having fun with Becky.

 A newly born baby donkey, having a little rest for himself.
My border collie pups, posing for a photo for me. I could have taken these guys home with me.
Everybody loves the Clydesdale horses, made famous by the Budweiser ads. Becky, Stan, and Fran were impressed.
There is also an old restored schoolhouse on the farmhouse tour, similar to those commonly used back in the nineteen hundreds. The old photo, on the wall behind, shows a group of children, sitting on the wall, with the old schoolhouse behind them.
When we left the farmhouse area we went back to Muckross house itself, and here we have Stan, Becky, and Fran, with the old house in the background.
Finally, here we have my pals, Fran Becky and Stan, sitting on the wall, with the magnificent Ladies View,
 behind them, a view of the lakes of Killarney from the mountain side above.  This was where Queen Victoria stood with her handmaidens, and declared it to be the most beautiful view in the kingdom.

Another great day in the west of Ireland.

Drop me a line if you need me for anything.

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