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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dingle on chauffeurdriven vacation with Dovechauffeurdrive

 Today, Sunday, was our day on the Dingle peninsula. It was wild and windy at times, but not too much rain. In the picture above, taken at Inch beach, you can see clearly how stormy it was, but it was beautiful nonetheless.
 The waves were not on the sea alone, as you can see from Fran's new hair style, a style i would have to call "The Dingle Wave".  Stan is also hanging on to his hat. Becky seems to be enjoying the moment.
 Well now, Fran looks like she has rearranged her hair, and looks a lot happier with herself.
 The lovely patchwork quilt fields on the Dingle peninsula are a sight to behold.
 A very special moment for Becky as she cuddles her first lamb. What a treat.
 Fran had a tougher time with her lamb, as he tried to eat her coat collar.
 The ancient Beehive huts, which are a feature on this peninsula. These were home to ancient fishermen and farmers,and the monks of old, in bygone years.
Sitting on the wall at Slea head, with the Blasket islands in the mist offshore. These islands were finally abandoned back in the nineteen sixties, as life there was no longer acceptable, when things were improving so much on the mainland.Many of the fleeing residents emigrated to the Springfied are and to the area known as Hungry Hill
 Another view of the Slea Head area. What a magical peninsula to visit on our Wild Atlantic Way.
 The town of Dingle is a quaint and special town, and here we have Stan, Fran, and Becky, with Fenton's restaurant in the background. My friends have a connection with relatives of this family, and even though we did find the restaurant, unfortunately it was closed, and was not due to open until later, when we would no longer be in Dingle.We were able to see the interior through the windows, and it really looked lovely.
 On returning to Killarney, we visited the beautiful St Mary's Cathedral. In this picture above, we have Stan, Fran, and Becky, standing behind the memorial to the famine victims who are buried in the grounds of this cathedral, where they died due to starvation, and were laid to rest in mass graves, as the church was being built.
 Becky standing in front of the cathedral.
 Becky and Stan pictured inside the cathedral.
Finally, a picture of the choir loft, organ, and the magnificent stain glass windows at the rear of the church.Another must place to visit.

 Tonight was their night for Irish traditional song, music, and dance at the Celtic Steps show in the racecourse auditorium in Killarney. This is a brilliant show, with world champion Irish dancers, the finest of traditional musicians, and the lovely Roisin Ryan, traditional Irish vocalist.
The picture above shows the dancers in full flight.
 Here we have Fran and Becky, with the musical director of the show, Sean Murphy, who is also a wonderful guitarist and banjo player, all smiling together after the show.
In this photo we have David Rea, Sean Murphy's partner, who also features in the show on the Bodhran, an ancient Irish drum, and who also comperes the show.
From the left we have, Fran, David Rea, Becky, Roisin Ryan vocalist, and Stan. This was a spectacular end to a very special day and we all had a great time.

Maybe you would like to tour with us. Let me know if you want any information.