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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Homeszyn on trail of family heritage.

Today we left Kinvara as we began our journey into the areas from where Cathy's family were last known to reside in County Longford, in a place called Garrowhill, in the parish of Newtownforbes.

 Entering the town of Newtownforbes as we begin our search for Cathy's relatives.
 In the town we discovered the main church, which would have been the family's local parish church, and where they would have all been baptised, and made their first communion.This church had been there since the mid eighteen hundreds, so therefore, would have to have been their local one.

Cathy, inside the Newtownforbes church.
 The one address that Cathy had, was for a place called Garrowhill, and we were given the name of an elderly man, Michael Mc Cann, who lived there, and who might have known the family, or else had information which might be useful. It not only turned out that he knew them, but he had gone to school with all of the younger members, when he went to school himself in Garrowhill.
 Cathy's ancestors, were the McGee's, and Doyle's, and much to our surprise, the old family home was only about a half mile from where Michael McCann lived, and he directed us there. The old home was no longer lived in, but was in surprisingly good condition. In this picture above, we have Cathy and her husband, Jerry, standing outside the old home, obviously delighted at the wonderful discovery.
 We also visited the old school house, which was close by,and here we have a picture of the name plaque outside the school.
 Jerryl and Cathy, pictured outside the old schoolhouse, which is now a B&B.
Michael McCann was also able to direct us to the home of Cathy's long lost cousin, Michael Doyle, and what a lovely friendly man he is. We found the house quiet easily, and fortunately Michael was there. He brought us all in, and we sat in his kitchen, while he made a cup of tea, fed us with lovely home made brown bread, as he and Cathy brought one another up to date on all of their their history, going right back in time.
What a great day this was, and what an exciting one, and one that Cathy and Jerry, and i am sure Michael Doyle and all of his family will remember, as they begin a family reunion after so many years.
My job can indeed be most rewarding.

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