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Friday, November 10, 2017

Chauffeurdrive record year for Dove and Dave Hogan

What a great year this has been for tourism in Ireland, and especially for Dovechauffeurdrive and myself. My business, thankfully, has grown year on year, as one would hope it would do, but 2017 has seen an unprecedented growth. There is no doubt that, in my case, this has been mainly due to the fact, that the more my business has grown, the more friends i have made in the USA, and elsewhere, and these friends have in turn referred their friends to me, and sent many of them my way. For this i am most grateful, and thank them sincerely for this.My time has become more and more limited, and i just have not had the time to write to them all personally to thank them. I hope that, if you are one of those good friends, that you get the time to read this message, and to know that you are in my prayers.
Do you remember this old ruined house at the tip of the Dingle peninsula overlooking the Blasket Islands? I always picture a wife or a mother,sitting inside this window on a stormy evening, waiting for her husband or sons to return from these treacherous seas after a day's fishing. Many of them never did return.
This cheeky cow could not resist the ivy on top of the stone wall between my property and my neighbours. I love this picture. Not my cow by the way, but that is my ivy.
 The awesome Gap of Dunloe, a journey through an ancient mountain gorge, cut through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier during the ice-age. If you were fortunate enough to see this on one of my tours, you need no reminding.
A beautiful picture, and a very special place. This is the Ballinahinch river in Connemara. 

Things are quietening down now for me, and my season is slowly drawing to a conclusion, but not finished just yet. Normally i would be finished by now, but it is hard to refuse people, especially when they are keen to come and have been referred by friends that i do not wish to let down. 
Now is normally the time for me to begin to deal with requests for next year, 2018, and i would would appeal to anybody, who may have the intention of coming and touring with me next year, to let me know as soon as possible, as i hate letting people down. I always work on a first come first basis, and that is the only fair way to operate. This is also most important for people who have not quiet made up their minds and want to make enquiries initially. It costs nothing to do that, and you are under no obligation if it does not work out for you.
I hope to continue to Blog during the closed season. Take care for now.