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Monday, January 29, 2018

Chauffeurdriven vacations in Ireland

What is the best time to visit Ireland ?

 Not in the winter if you want reliable weather. We do not experience extremely low temperatures, hurricanes, like you get on your East coast, but we have a damp kind of cold, which is not very nice, a lot of rain and wind, and the days are short. Not the time to come, unless you like to see conditions like in the picture above. That can be beautiful also though. I know..... i was born on our western seaboard.
 How about a sky like the one above? How lovely is an Irish sky on a sunny day? Do you like rainbows? we get plenty of those. We do get rain, but not as often as some people seem to think. Our wonderful array of magnificent flowers would not be there without sunshine. Flowers need both sunshine and rain.
 My Dutch pals, Martin, Emiel, and Mariette, smiling happily in the sunshine in Dingle.
And finally, the cliffs of Moher , A day, spent in the sunshine there, is one you will never forget.

Come and see Ireland with me. So much to offer.

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