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Friday, April 27, 2018

Chauffeurdriven tour to Knock with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hoganve

Today i began my latest tour with my new friends from California and Idaho, and eventhough this was to be a relatively short few days, we have some lovely places to visit. Pauline, and her husband Rob, and her sister Maureen, and husband Jim, were referred to me by another special friend, Stan from California, who toured with me with his lovely wife Donna, back in 2015. Most of my business comes to me nowadays through referrals, and i really like, and appreciate that. Thank you Stan and Donna, and also their pals Gary and Paula, who traveled with Stan and Donna.
 I collected my new pals in Galway city this morning and we were on our way into County Mayo where our first stop was to be the  town of Knock, and the Holy Shrine there. Cong is where Our Lady appeared in 1879. Knock is now a recognised shrine, and many miraculous cures have been attributed to this place.

I just had to make an early stop as we drove through the beautiful sunlit countryside this morning. The west of Ireland is famous for its stone walls, and here we have a great example of these. Yes i did say "beautiful sunlit countryside", today was a beautiful day.
My party, pictured together on our arrival in Knock, from the left, Rob, Pauline, Jim and Maureen. The Celtic cross, in the background, was erected for the papal visit of Pope John Paul in 1979.To the right in the background we have the magnificent Knock Basilica.

 Jim and Maureen, pictured inside the Basilica, with the new, and spectacular mosaic, depicting the apparition, behind the altar.
 Pauline and Rob, a special photo for them also.
 A lovely picture of my pals in the grounds at Knock, with the Basilica in the background.
 Pauline just loves daffodils, so how could i resist taking a picture of her in this lovely setting.
 After departing from Knock, we made our way into the famous "Quiet Man Country", and the town of Cong, which was the center for that wonderful movie. Do you remember this house in the movie? I think that it was the home of the Protestant minister. Correct me if i am wrong.
The river in Cong, where John Wayne dunked Maureen O'Hara.
Cong was the site of some of the earliest churches and Abbeys back in the years after St Patrick's time, in the sixth and seventh centuries.Here my group are pictured with the ruins of some of these churches in the background.
From the left, Jim and Maureen, and Pauline and Rob.
 And finally, the photo that everybody would love to have, my pals with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in the center of Cong village. On the left we have Maureen, then Jim who looks like he is helping John Wayne to hold Maureen O'Hara up, Pauline, and finally Rob to the right.
More tomorrow as we head for the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.
Why not come along and see this most popular part of our wonderful country for yourself.

If you are interested in enquiring about a chauffeurdriven tour yourself, just send me a message.
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