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Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher on Chauffeurdriven tour with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Ireland has a reputation for having more than its share of wet and windy weather, and the past winter did nothing but add to that bad reputation. I have consistently defended our weather, but last winter really weakened my position.
The photo above, i took in my back garden this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was. There is nowhere on earth that i would rather be, than Ireland, when the sun shines. It never gets too hot, and rarely get that cold. We recently had what was nicknamed "The Beast from the East" a cold weather spell, with what, for us, was an unusual amount of snow, and it seemed to be the main topic far and wide.
Compared to what people experience in some areas in mainland Europe and in the northern states of the USA, this so called "Beast from the East" was a pussycat. At its worst in most places, there might have been seven or eight inches of snow. There were some areas, close to, and at the foot of the mountains, where it was a lot worse, but in general it was much exaggerated.
The past winter was a bad one, the begining of this year has been a pain in the neck, but the sun is shining again and i am back defending Irish weather. Believe me, it is not nearly as bad as some say. You know the saying, "Give a dog a bad name".
To do not come to Ireland for a suntan....but you will not be cooked alive....and you will not freeze to death. You will have the best fresh air on the planet, you will not be eaten alive by mosquito's, or other bugs, bitten by snakes, attacked by any wild animals,  you will see the greenest of grass, the most colorful flowers and shrubs, gorgeous trees and forests, refreshing showers of cool rain, and RAINBOWS galore. You can drink our water, eat the best free range meat on the planet, eat the freshest of fish, oysters, mussels,crab, lobster, i could go on.
My own special Motto for my lovely Ireland is
"Ireland is always beautiful, it is just that, some days she wears a different dress."
Remember, you heard that here first. 
Lucky you, if you come.
Now to today's program.

 Our first stop was at Corcomroe Abbey, just a few miles from Kinvara. This abbey dates back to the twelve hundreds and was an old Cistercian Abbey. Well worth a visit.
From the left here we have Maureen, Jim, Pauline and Rob.
Then it was on to the ancient portal tomb, the Poulnabrone dolmen. God only knows just how old this tomb is, but it is well worth a visit. 
Sitting here in the beautiful sunshine on what was a fresh and chilly morning, we have, from the left, Jim, Maureen, Pauline and Rob. Please note, the sunglasses.
 The town of Lisdoonvara is famous for its matchmakers, qualified people who help you to find a life partner. This custom, or maybe better described as"profession", dates back many years, to the time when the farmers would gather in Lisdoonvara after the harvest, and the women, who were looking for a husband, would gather there also, and the matchmakers would then try to pair them off with somebody that they felt might be suitable for them. This still happens every September, when the Matchmaking Festival takes place for what is now a six week period. It is a really huge event and the festivities go on day and night, and a great time is enjoyed by all.They even elect a "Bachelor of the year", but please note to enter this competition, you have to be single.
 This is the famous matchmaker bar in the heart of Lisdoonvarna. Here we have Rob and Pauline, posing for a special picture in this unique town.
 At the cliffs at last, and in typical Irish fashion, we got our first shower of rain, but it was only a shower, and it passed over in a relatively short while.
 O'Brien's Tower at the cliffs, is a much photographed structure, and here we have, from the left, Maureen, Jim, Pauline, and Rob.
After leaving the Cliffs we made our way to the town of Doolin, passing this round tower Norman Castle on the way. The views of the bay below, and the Aran Islands in the background, are really beautiful here.
 Gus O'Connor's pub in Doolin is a great place for a traditional music session,, or a good feed of Irish beef stew, or fresh cod and chips. I had the stew, and it was really good. Actually almost everybody had the stew, which was a "Guinness beef stew", Jim had soup and a sandwich, and Pauline even refused to share hers with anybody. Yes, Irish food is that good.
 There was actually a traditional session going on in the mid afternoon today. Most entertaining.
Today was a really nice day for all of us, and i do feel sorry for my friends, as they have to leave for Dublin tomorrow, and i do know that they would love to see and do more on this tour.  I hope that they have many happy memories of the west of Ireland as their vacation comes to an end, and I hope they have enjoyed it as much as i have enjoyed showing them some of my lovely country. They will just have to come back again, and take up where we left off.

If you would like to make an enquiry yourself, it costs nothing, and it just might turn out to be the holiday of a lifetime.

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