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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Laura and Tom in Connemara with hewly found relations.

Today we returned to Connemara, and the home of Tom's newly discovered relations. Tom had arrived here with very little definite information on his Connemara family, but with a little help from friends of mine in the area where we felt they may have resided, some of my own experience, and a load of divine intervention, we not only found his cousin Ann, and the site of the old family home.  we have now opened the door for Tom to trace more of his family back in the Boston area.
All of this has been far beyond Tom's expectations.
 I have to call this picture, one of a family gathering, and what a happy occasion it was. From the left we have, Oliver, husband of Ann, Tom's cousin,  who is seated next to him, then Tom, and his wife Laura, all seated around the kitchen table in Ann's home in Connemara. In the background here you can see the traditional kitchen dresser, where the family would display their ornaments and tableware etc. These were always a center piece in every Irish kitchen.

 Ann and Oliver brought us to visit the family graveyard, where many of their ancestors had been, and still are, buried, This graveyard was located right on the shores of Galway Bay, with the Aran Islands close by at at the mouth of Galway Bay.
 Oliver, studying some of the literature and records of the family history, into which he had put a lot of hard work, researching the family for Ann. Ann is also helping as she studies more documentation. Oliver and Ann were really lovely people, and it must have been really special for Tom to find such sincere, warm, and friendly people in his search for family roots.
A picture taken from the family graveyard, of Galway Bay, and the Aran Islands in the misty background. What a beautiful, and peaceful place to be laid to rest.

Tom and Laura are today leaving Ireland, after what i hope has been an exciting and rewarding visit to Ireland, and i would like to thank them for choosing my service, and wish them a happy and safe journey home. May God speed them.

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