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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ritchey to Dingle on chauffeurdriven tour with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Diane and Terry, pictured together on the beach at Inch on the Dingle peninsula yesterday. What a dark threatening sky, compared to the lovely blue skies we had the day before.
I posed with Terry in this one, and just look at how i brightened the picture up. I managed to semi fix my camera since the other day, and do not look as fat as i did when the camera was malfunctioning. It still seems to make me look a little shorter than i actually am, and maybe a little wider also. I must get a new one as soon as possible.
I love the patchwork quilt patterns of the fields on the Dingle peninsula. Diane and Terry look very happy here together as we make our way to Dingle town.
The skies darkened once again as we neared Slea Head, and the wind grew stronger. I am mentioning that just in case you think that Diane was sporting some unusual kind of hair was the wind. The Blasket Island's in the background must have been a really difficult place to live in bygone days, when they could not even make it ashore if someone was sick or dying.
Diane loves her camera, and will surely have a fine collection of pictures to show all of you when she gets home. Terry was trying to get some also, but do not worry, as you will have Diane's ones to enjoy.
What a wild and stormy sea we had today, and this, compared to what it can really be like when we get a real storm in this area. Behind that Blasket Island in the distance, you have three thousand miles of open Atlantic. They were a hardy people.
Diane and Terry, pictured together on top of the mountains at the Conor Pass. We were in the darkness of the overhead cloud, while you can see some sunlight in the distance. Our weather today was really dark and gloomy, and yet brightened by my two lovely traveling companions who loved it all. Thank you guys.
Here is another guy who seemed to be at home as he perched on the wall at Slea Head, hoping for s treat of some sort.We gave him a few Euro, and he happily headed off for the nearest chipper.
See you again soon.

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