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Monday, October 26, 2020

Still battling the virus in Ireland


On the beach on the Dingle peninsula in county Kerry. Plenty of fresh , and clean air, here.

 This ongoing problem with the Corona virus continues to create havoc worldwide, and we are no different here in Ireland. Maybe our approach to it is different than some other countries, but in general, the public at large are doing their best to stay as safe as is possible. We had brought it down to an acceptable level, but then, like many other countries, we took our foot off the pedal, and away it went again. This has now resulted in a further lockdown, and already, eventhough we have only gone to serious lengths over the past few days, we seem to have begun to slow it down again. Like many other countries we are going through a learning process, and hopefully learning from our mistakes. There will be no practical solution to this until we develope a safe vaccine, and there seems to a growing optimism that that will happy in the not too distant future. I, like the vast majority of people here, am doing my utmost to stick to the suggested ways of staying safe, the way that is suggested by our medical experts. This way actually makes life a lot more pleasant for me as i mask up, keep my distance with others when i go shopping, continue to wash my hands regularly etc, go for my walks with my dog, and so far i have remained well. There is no doubt that we do have a say in remaining safe. No guarantees, but i choose the guidance of our experts here in Ireland. My touring is on hold for now, but i look forward to resuming that when things change.

Just an ordinary day in Ireland. At least these guys are staying on their own side of the road, the opposite side to the USA of course.

I am continuing to look forward with great optimism to things changing in the New Year, and hope that that is the way it goes for all of us. 

I do feel for all of my friends in the USA at this troubled time, as you have the added unpleasantness of a Presedential election to deal with, but that will be sorted out in the not too distant future.

If you require any information with regard to any plans you may have with regard to a possible Irish vacation in 2021, just send me a message, or call me, and i will take it from there.

This is a time for all of us to try to work together, as peoples nerves are frayed with all that is going on. I really feel for all of those families who have lost a dear one and thank God for keeping so many of us safe thus far. 

I keep you all in my prayers.

Stay safe, and stay well.

Your Irish pal


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