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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The harbour , less than a mile from my home, the destination for my morning walk. Maybe i will get a boat for myself. The bay in this photograph is Kinvara bay, which opens out into Galway Bay, about a mile down to your left here.

 After listening to Dr Ciara Kelly on Newstalk, on Saturday morning, as she reported in on the up to date position of the 100 days walk challenge she set up for her dedicated followers, i could not feel anything but guilty for my own recent "lie down and die" behaviour. They had three days left to go. My exercise recently was my walks to and from the TV, and to and from the bedroom. Of course there was a bit more than that, there was to and from the toilet, and to and from the kitchen table. Her gang had three days to go to complete their 100 days walk, and the one who impressed me most of all was a man of 83, who spoke with great enthusiasm about what it had done for him, and how grateful he was for having decided to be a part of this wonderful idea. Prior to this , he had been doing what i was now doing. Virtually nothing.  Suddenly  i "woke up", and made i could try, that maybe i could do that, and i made the decision to start on Sunday morning. I have done that, and have now just completed day 3. Miraculous, and i am still in one piece. I have been blessed by the beautiful weather we have right now, and it seems to have been like all of this has been set up for me by what many people call a Higher Power. Just look at my photos here, and i am sure that you will see that i am blessed with the beauty which surrounds me where i live. It is a sin not to avail of the mental and physical 
health benefits available to me from living in this place. I love where i live. I never regret having taken time out to have a walk, and yet i find it so hard to just get up, get out, and do it. I have now made a start and will give it an honest try.

A cow in a roadside field with her new baby calf

There are many overgrown fields in my area, as it is all a part of the rugged Burren, an area which at one time had been covered completely by ice.
Al the roads in my area are fenced in by stone walls, such as these here. There are no better stone wall builders than the Irish, or indeed stone mason in general.
This beautiful house is the nearest house to the harbour where my walk ends, and belongs to my friends Cliff and Sally. It is truly a magnificent home built in a magical area. 
This is a view of the house from the pier area at the end of my walk.

Maybe you can come for a walk here with me when you came over. Many of my touring friends have been to my home, and i have no doubt that many of them would love to live in a place like this. It has  never been more appreciated than during this pandemic, the peace and quiet here, the lovely walks where very often i am home again not having met a solitary person. Nobody around, only me and the animals, and the birds. Thank you God.
I hope to continue Blogging, so maybe you can follow me, and witness my progress, or maybe be inspired to get stuck in yourself and do yourself a big favour. 
See you soon.

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