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Saturday, July 3, 2021

The pandemic has not affected the wonder of the awesome Cliffs of Moher, nor our wonderful countryside. It is still all here for you to enjoy.

Back in action again, and hopefully not far off a return to more normal life here in Ireland.

Of course we are not fully out of this pandemic yet, but things are far more under control, and safer, than they have been for a long time. We cannot say that traveling to Ireland is entirely open once again as it depends entirely on where you are traveling from. The amount of people fully vaccinated at this point in time is growing at a much faster rate, and once we have the bulk of people treated then we will be really all set to get about things in a much more normal way. At this point in time there are restrictions on pubs, dining, and the entertainment scene but we live in hope. For people coming who are happy to come and enjoy the countryside, the rural beauty of Ireland, the friendly rural towns and villages, the mountains and valleys and seascapes dotted with offshore islands, which is all very much a part of my touring, there is still a wonderful time to be had. if you need updated information at any time just contact me and we can talk. I am ready to go if you are, and we can have a wonderful time.


Connemara has a beauty unmatched anywhere in Ireland. Here we have the river in Ballinahinch, right in the heart of this region, which was one of the most devastated areas in this country during our horrific famine in the mid eighteen hundreds. 
Let me take you there.

You can reach me at

Dovechauffeurdrive@gmail .com.

All my contact details are to be found here on my Blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dave Hogan

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