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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chauffeurdrive/own car and driver vacations in Ireland

The town of Clifden in Connemara County Galway. This is the most westerly town in Ireland and the main one in this famous region of Connemara. This is the area where everybody's favourite movie "The Quiet Man" (if you are Irish) was filmed. A common sight on the edge of the Atlantic in Connemara, an old ruined cottage. Hard to believe that large families were reared in tiny cottages like these. They were poor quality homes with straw or thatched roofs and clay floors. How anybody survived the harsh winters in these homes is beyond belief but then again life expectancy was very short and many babies died at birth, and many mothers also. This region was ravaged by the famine but the ones living close to the sea at least had a chance of catching fish. A common sight in Connemara, Connemara ponies grazing on the edge of the Atlantic. This breed of horses originated in North Africa and came ashore on the west coast of Ireland when the Spanish Armada was devastated by a horrific storm. They are not a very large horse and were very popular with the Spanish cavalry. They thrived on our west coast and are an extremely popular horse for children now as they have a lovely temperament. They come in a variety of colours, as you can see from this photo. I have been away in England for a few days so i have not been Blogging. Now i am trying to get back to normal again. Catch you soon.

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