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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chauffeurdriven vacation to the Aran Islands with Bill o'Brien ferries Doolin and Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

There are many ferries to the Aran islands but the one i would recommend is Bill O'Briens ferry company from Doolin near the Cliffs of Moher.

What a tour i am having at the moment. I really am hitting the high spots right now from my meeting with Cardinal Brady in Armagh one day to Bill O'Brien the next. Long may it last.
I met Bill at the ferry office in Doolin as we prepared to board one of his ferries (he has a few) for the smallest of the Aran Islands, Inish Oir, and it was nice to be back here again and on our way to an overnight on the Island. He helped me with a parking space,(there were literally none available), and my car was fine when we returned the following day, which is always pretty important. You will always find Bill at his station on the pier, and he is most helpful and friendly and operates a top class service. Feel free to mention my name if you meet him.

This ancient church on Inish Oir, was buried under the sand for centuries until dug out by the islanders, It is the church of St Chaomain, a brother of the renowned St Kevin of Glendalough in Wicklow. Just one of the many interesting sights on Inish Oir.
Bil's services all of the three islands, and you can hop from one to the other, all in one day, if you have the energy. Bill will help you with this, and advise.

Boats at the pier in Inish Oir. The small black one is a curach (pronounced currack). This was, and still is, the most popular small fishing boat used by islanders all along our west coast.

You may notice that in some of my Blogs i do not show pictures of my clients. This is simply because some people prefer not to have there pictures appear on the internet, and i always respect that. Others may like to have their pictures shown, but not their names, and that is also fine by me. I love to have my picture appear,as i am sure that it draws thousands of visitors to Ireland.

If you want more information on my service then please feel free to message me. I will always help if i can. Maybe i will see you sometime in the future. Take care for now.