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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planning vacation to Ireland with chauffeur/own private driver.

I have found through my years of experience in the chauffeurdrive business, that there are many people who come to me with ideas of what they want to do, but who, through inexperience, are simply seeking the impossible. They tell me that this may be their only chance to see this country, and therefore they want to see as much as possible. They all seem to make the same mistakes. Many of them have been given advice by friends, who visited here on bus tours, and they think that they can fly around the country and take in the same amount in a day as these experienced bus tour drivers can. Let me tell you that they will fail. Do you really want that kind of tour anyway, galloping through the countryside with a brief stop here, and a brief stop there, and covering large distances every day, and ending up exhausted at the end of it all. People who have driven themselves miscalculate the time it takes to get around on our Irish roads, and end up the same way at the end of each day, exhausted.
You need help.

That is where i can come in. You tell me what you would like to do, and see, what kind of accommodation you would like, how long you want to stay here, whether or not you want to see Dublin, or other cities or the wild and wonderful countryside, or both, and i will then be able to prepare a plan for you that will present you with a tour to remember.
Many people come to me because i was born and reared on the Wild Atlantic way, the rugged magnificent western seaboard of Ireland, and my own favourite part of this country. Eventhough it is my favourite area, i do cover the rest of Ireland also,and i have many who come to me with ancestral connections in every part of Ireland. If they do, then we cover wherever these areas are.
If this makes sense to you, and you want a very special program, from an experienced professional, then send me a message.
Remember, i will cover a lot more ground in the time you have available than you will. I know what is worth seeing,and what you can leave out. I will provide accommodation for you that i personally know is the best, and you just may get a pleasant surprise when you see the value in it. All you will have to do is get yourself here and i will do the rest.
I am also a member of the National Chauffeur Drive Association of Ireland, and therefore you are in safe hands.

I look forward to hearing from you, and who knows, maybe seeing you soon.

Your friend in Ireland

Dave Hogan